Clash of Clans problems after Feb 24 update

The Clash of Clans update on Feb 24 has been installed by many of OSM readers, although some players have mentioned problems with freezing and not being able to play following the install.

One of our readers said, “I can’t play the CoC new update, the install appears but it states the game is up to date”. Other gamers have been asking about the Kindle Fire HD update for Feb, 2015, although we are not sure about this version at the time of writing.

Clash of Clans problems after Feb 24 update pic 1

The new update includes many new features, which will make gameplay more enjoyable. Well, that was what was supposed to happen. New clan perks, new upgrades and balancing and so much more.

It seems so many people are having issues installing the new CoC update, some are saying when they installed it nothing happened other than saying still downloading content. The new update seems to download to a certain point and then freezes at around 90% or over but never goes past 97%.

Clash of Clans problems after Feb 24 update pic 2

Looking into things a little further we have noticed gamers are uninstalling Clash of Clans believing this will help, but when trying to reinstall it will not finish the download.

OSM Say’s: Please remember that because this is a new Clash of Clans update released today, so many people will be updating at the same time and servers will be lagging just a little. Be patient.

Are you having Clash of Clans problems after the Feb 24 update?

Clash of Clans problems after Feb 24 update

  • clash

    Kindle fire update needed urgently

  • Eragon

    Kindle update can be found by installing Mobile1 on the Kindle and go to updates. I’m leaving Mobile1 installed since it seems to help keep other programs updated.

    • deg

      Which mobile 1 there’s quite a few that pop up in the app store.

      • cel

        It’s not on the Amazon store, it’s an outside source like the coc game, I forgot where I got it…maybe just search up “mobile 1 app download”? I got the information from some guy on YouTube
        Sorry not that helpful ^

  • Benjamin Harrison

    My update on the HTC one m8 went fine. I even played it afterward.

  • troy

    how to update in kindle ?

  • primo

    Need help! need to update my CoC on my blacberry z10 pls. Pls. Pls. Thanks

  • callum

    It keeps saying I need to update it again

    • allen

      I’m having the same issue and msg.

  • Gio Gvanci

    I have 2 accounts and both works well after the update

  • Jojo Vasquez

    stupid update won’t let the game load

  • Big Dom

    Where is the kindle update file

  • spades

    Does any1 know how to download new update on the kindle fire he?

  • Mike

    The update through 1 Mobile worked great for my Kindle

    • celest

      I have 2 kindles and one worked well which is great but in the other kindle the update isn’t working, it keeps saying ready to download and it just stays like that
      Am I suppose to just leave it like that until it starts downloading?

  • concerned customer

    Im trying to update coc on my Amazon fire phone and it simply won’t do anything please help

  • Emma

    Insuffient space apprently.. which is rubbish because i have more then enough… so i can’t update. Tried reinstalling.. same thing downloads get to end and says can’t do it.. 150mb later and still nothing.. i have a samsung phone.

  • Anthony

    I have not been able to download the update since 9:00 PM EST this morning. This is getting ridiculous…I just to to play!

    • Anthony

      AM not PM oops…

      • cel

        I had the same problem, but I JUST FIXED IT! Like a moment ago XD I searched up “clash of clans download for kindle fire” and downloaded it, when it downloads it’s also like an update
        Hopefully it works for you too

  • CannonFlames75

    It works absolutely fine for my ipad, and my clanmates had no trouble either. Works fine on all iphones and ipads.

  • CannonFlames75

    The update works great for me. Something must be wrong with ur device. It downloaded the update in 35 seconds for me!

  • CannonFlames75

    It worked absolutely fine for my ipad mini and iphone 6. Also, all the members in my clan have said that it worked for them too. They have kindle fires, ipads, iphones, samsung galaxys. I don’t understand why it is not working for everyone else!

  • iceman

    I had the same problem. I found a clue to the problem (at least on mine).
    I turned WiFi off and used cellular data, and it loaded.
    Maybe a NAT router issue?

  • David Martinez

    Iceman the same exact thing happened to me and my bro.

  • Virus Detected to CoC

    Men icant play it I think there a virus enter my tablet because of new update and there’s a red line that says your tablet is in problem plz sacn virus then the result is Clash of Clans is entering many virus in my tablet !!! Plz Fix it before many people stop playing it!

  • hunter

    My clash of clans wont update for my I phone it said can’t update right now please try again later and I did it 2 hrs later and It said the same thing enyone please help

  • aly

    i can’t play Clash of Clan because of that update

  • Lisa Lavado

    Problems with update for Kindle. I tried re-installing it. It didn’t work. He clicks on CoC and it says to update it. Hoping there’s a fix out there now. not sure about that Mobile1 that the other person mentioned. Bad luck with outside sources. Help?

  • Terri

    I updated COC to new level, when I went to play Clan my phone started to flicker and turned off and the battery was empty. I have tried a few things to try to fix it but to no avail. Now Candy Crush is doing the same thing, have my games been infected with a virus from the update of Clan? because my phone works perfectly otherwise. If I uninstall Clan and reinstall it, will I still be at the same level or will I have to start again? I have over a thousand gems and shields and would hate to lose them. Is their a simple fix to this problem?

  • kate

    After the new Clash of clans update I have been looking everywhere on my Kindle to try to find something that can update it but, I cannot find anything please help!!!

  • Luke

    I can’t play COC because of the new update