New YouTube for Kids desktop release skipped

The new YouTube for Kids is only going to release as an Android app, which means it is not being released as a desktop version just yet. Apps on mobile devices can now be regulated so why not regulate YouTube for Kids on a computer, laptop?

YouTube for Kids is suitable for the young ones where parents will be able to control what they see on the Internet, but only being released on Android will certainly be a cause for debate. The content that will be showing up will be for 2 to 8 year old children.

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We all know that YouTube does not permit pornographic videos, or any type of nudity or of course violent material, but these do tend to sometimes leak through before being taken down as soon as they spot it. So to have a dedicated YouTube for kids is a brilliant idea, just a shame its not being released on desktop.

It will be a very similar set up like Netflix’s kids section, no results will come up on anything related to sex etc, parents have the option how long their child can be on YouTube for Kids.

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USA Today reports Shimrit Ben-Yair, a group product manager at Google that oversees YouTube, Google+ and Google Docs said, ““Parents were constantly asking us, can you make YouTube a better place for our kids.” USA Today reports

The new application is available today – Do you think they should release YouTube for Kids on desktop?

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  • mindiola

    Yes, this would be great for desktop!

  • Sheryl Senkiw

    We need this for our desktop Mac computer.