Mia Khalifa on Lady Gaga at the Oscars

Mia Khalifa is taking the social media world by storm, she is racking up her followership at a superfast rate, but the most dominant is Instagram. Even her Twitter posts are gaining a lot of attention, especially when she trolls Lady Gaga at the Oscars 2015; she even said a few nice words about John Legend.

Over on Mia Khalifa’s Twitter she tweeted a photo of what Lady Gaga was wearing at the `Oscars 2015’ (Shown Below), Khalifa said in a nutshell the Oscars are at 8 but the dishes need to be done by 8:30. Mia Khalifa is obviously mocking or just having a laugh about Gaga’s fashion, but to be fair what Gaga was wearing was toned down a lot considering what she normally wears.

Mia Khalifa on Lady Gaga at the Oscars pic 3

Khalifa also retweeted a tweet about John Legend; she clearly liked his song and speech.

Social media platforms are huge and Mia Khalifa is showing people how it’s done, hundreds will say it’s only her assets that is making her popular. Nether the less, her Instagram account is going for strength-to- strength and people are following her at a fast rate.

Mia Khalifa on Lady Gaga at the Oscars pic 1

Mia Khalifa fans prefer to follow her on Instagram because between this one and Twitter these are the most updated. The reason she is more popular on Instagram is because people are searching for ‘Mia Khalifa photos’ and it is pictures they want the most. Instagram has many policies about what can be shared; it is a little more laid back when it comes to making it more popular for adult entertainment stars etc.

Mia Khalifa on Lady Gaga at the Oscars pic 2

On February 18, 2015 Mia Khalifa’s social media follower-ship was 124,656 on Facebook, 451K on Twitter and her Instagram has 822K followers. Now 5 days on she has 127,608 on Facebook, 466K on Twitter and her Instagram has 872K followers. It shows that she is totally dominating Instagram, more people follow her on a daily basis than her other social platforms.

Mia Khalifa on Lady Gaga at the Oscars pic 4