The love candy brands receive around Valentine’s Day

Fun analysis of gourmet candy’s reach, and engagement on social media in the run-up to Valentine’s Day 2015. Falcon Social, a leading social media management platform, is investigating which chocolate brands are doing the best to target their would-be customers and fully leverage social media marketing during their busiest time of year, Valentine’s Day.

Falcon Social created a listening report for the biggest Valentines brands to see which ones are getting the most traction. The brands included are Cadbury, Dove, Edible Arrangements, Ferrero Rocher, Ghiradelli, Godiva, Harry & David, Hershey’s, Jacques Torres, Lindt, Mast Brothers, Russell Stover, and Shari’s Berries. Falcon assessed how these brands are leveraging their owned media by looking at the reach and engagement of their Facebook pages.

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Notably, Russell Stover—owner of the Whitman’s chocolate sampler, far and away the biggest Valentine’s seller of all time—doesn’t operate any social media channels. And meanwhile, the cutesy candy Sweethearts has an inactive Facebook page, and posts from its parent page Necco to 12k fans.

Below is a look at the engagement levels across the pages. You can tell that February 1st started a sprint to all of their Valentine’s Day campaigns. Also below is an overview of the total likes these brands have on Facebook, almost 10 million fans between eleven of them. Note that Jacques Torres and Mast Brothers, two of the more artisanal brands on this list, have a much wider reach than the maker of those ubiquitous Sweetheart candies.

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The fact that there are still huge companies like Russell Stover with such a sparse digital presence means there is still huge growth to be won on social. As some brands play catch-up, others will become more advanced in their messaging and targeting. Read more about the love candy brands receive around Valentine’s Day over on Falcon Social.

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