Social media can draw big trade to your business

Social media doesn’t just help businesses share content with fans and followers. Companies around the world have uncovered other ways social media can help increase their bottom line. Surprisingly, there are many startups out there that don’t believe in the great power of social media.

Some probably don’t understand or see the benefits, while others would rather stick to old-fashioned advertising and marketing strategies. Why is social media so important for a business? Here are some convincing ideas you might want to pay more attention to.

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Social media helps companies know their audience

In business, the more you know about your target audience, the higher chances you have to boost productivity. Social media can help you attain those goals. Geo-targeting for example, is an efficient way of sending out messages to a specific demographic or audience based on location. Facebook and Twitter for example, have special tools that permit company owners to convey the right type of information to their audience. If you want to write a post and sent it to a specific type of group, you can opt for geo-targeting. Select ‘location’, ‘gender’, ‘language’, ‘age’ and other criteria to center that post on people that might actually be interested in reading it.

More traffic

Business owners are well aware that their companies need a properly organized website to reach more people and make them noticed on the web. With the help of social media, you permit potential customers to leave comments and ask questions about your company’s services. Replying to those comments and clearing out their concerns proves that you care about their opinion. This will make your business seem reliable and useful. With a bit of luck, your current customers will recommend you to others; they’ll share your posts and statuses, thus indirectly boosting your level of recognition. Social media should not be used solely to engage people, but also to drive them to your company’s main website, from where they can purchase your products.

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Social media – the cheapest way of advertising a business

Social media can work miracles for your company’s productivity. However, it has to be used properly to help you attain greatness and boost revenue. For starters, using most social networks is cheap. Compared to some other conventional advertising tools, it doesn’t cost a fortune to create a Facebook page and opt for daily/weekly/monthly sponsored ads to help your company take off and start gaining a solid reputation. It’s all about persuading a specific group of people to join and connect with your company’s social media page or profile. There are a few basic rules you must adhere to if you want to gather more people to your company’s Facebook profile such as:

• Constant content sharing
• Answering questions and comments
• Uploading photographs
• Offering useful tips for people
• Asking questions to keep your audience engaged

Interestingly enough, several of the most thriving companies are in fact small start-ups that have acknowledged the great power of technology and social media. Instead of spending a fortune on expensive ads and commercials, these businesses gained recognition by creating good content. Excellent quality content leads to likes and shares, and ultimately the smallest startups become the most successful enterprises.

The greatest part about social media is that one doesn’t need a lot of money to create a marketing campaign. As long as you’re committed and you keep your company’s profile updated, people will gain an interest; they’ll want to know more, and even share what you’ve got to offer with others. Although, it’s still important for professionals to find a way and balance social media attempts with face to face negotiations in order to foster relations and maintain their business afloat.

OSM would like to thank Jason Phillips and Hideen Object Games 365 for their guest post contribution.

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