PSN status takes Destiny PS4 down on Feb 12

The PSN server status has changed in the last 15 minutes with reports pointing to Destiny servers being unavailable right now. The problems started in the UK afternoon on Feb 12, although they also impacted United States gamers playing Destiny on PS4 as well. One error code being reported states, “PSN CE-34861-2”, although these codes depend on the section you are visiting at the time of any outage.

Online Social Media received reports from a number of our readers and they first detailed the PlayStation friends list having problems, one PS4 owners said “It won’t load and I cannot get connected to the server in Destiny”. They weren’t alone, Twitter was flooded with “PSN is down” messages as well on Feb 12, 2015.

PSN status takes Destiny PS4 down

It’s unclear if the problems will remain for long, but considering those at school return home in the UK and can’t play many of their favorite games, there will be upset. We tried the game on a PS4 and noticed it kept saying, “contacting Destiny servers”.

Are you having problems with PSN and Destiny servers today, if so are you finding them down? We have reached out to both Destiny developers and Ask PlayStation on Twitter to find out more. The official PSN server connection status is online, so this means they haven’t updated yet or the problems are isolated to certain regions.

Update: The downtime is for scheduled maintenance today, which started in the early UK afternoon and ends later tonight.

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

  • James Bowyer

    They had scheduled maintenance on the PSN network for the 12 of feb.

  • neongin

    Thats really sucks !!! Tomorrow i have an holiday ! And after that next week ill start exams ! So my last chance to have a brake andplay is today !!! I have just played 2 hours today (destiny) and the servers went down ! Now that really sucks and annoys !!!!!

  • joe

    Again, starting to dislike psn

  • Gundam188

    I hit start on destiny and it goes into application update screen and back out continually and won’t update. Anyone else getting this on ps4?

    • adrijin

      me omg its been since feb 12 that i cant open destiny

  • fred

    scheduled maintenance got prewarn week inadvance. Aslong your sign in before it starts u be fine

  • Freeman Robert

    I have had this problem since early Feb and I can’t find a reason for it. Game is unplayable! Friends less than a mile away have no issue ISP says everything is fine, even tried opening all the ports. Bungie really burned us on this one.