Facebook DeepFace to recognize users faces in photos

Facebook is always trying to find new ways to make users feel good, but to bring an element of sci-fi into the mix with futuristic doings where they can recognize faces in photos’ is moving forward.

Bring the future forward and mix it with psychics and Facebook DeepFace is what the users get, at the moment we can look into devices where our eyes are the passwords to gain access. So now Facebook is looking at ways to use technology with the 400 million photos uploaded to the social network each day.

Facebook DeepFace to recognize users faces in photos pic 1

Facebook DeepFace will probably stop the need to tag people in photos, and the reason for this is because Facebook will automatically add them. Most of the time people tag others in photos without their permission and here comes the clever part. If there is a photo with your friends in it as well as other people you do not know, Facebook DeepFace will automatically tag people if they are on your friend’s list, if they are not on your friend’s list it will automatically blur out those people for privacy reasons.

The new social network feature will also recognize you in any Facebook photo and keep that data for all other photos.

Facebook DeepFace to recognize users faces in photos pic 2

It is a powerful feature that could prove worthwhile, no more tagging by the individual. DeepFace uses what is called Deep Learning; in brief this basically means it can learn for itself by saving data each time a photo is uploaded to the social network. DeepFace uses algorithms to recognize faces, eyes, mouths etc.

What are your views on Facebook DeepFace?

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