Facebook Work From Home scam resurfaces again

A website is reporting breaking news where people can earn a good living thanks to the new ‘Facebook Work from Home’ program, but please read on because this is a scam and it will not pay you money.

Facebook has not launched a new ‘Work From Home’ program, this scam started last year of 2014 and was laid to rest after thousands learned it was just a scam to take money from the victims. But now February 2015 the scam has resurfaced.

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A website called ‘facebook news’ (s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com) is reporting of a new program where people can work from home, they go into great detail about the new program before linking to an associated site called Facebook Fortune.

The fake facebook page shows a mobile phone where you need to add your first name, last name and email, and then it will check to see if you qualify. It says thousands of people are making cash from home where can get paid around £280 per day. This is all about earning money-using Facebook. To the trained eye as soon as you see a page like this just walk away, it’s a scam, but we have to remember there are people out there that can fool for this time of scandal.

Facebook Work From Home scam resurfaces again pic 2

The scam basically tricks people into paying $4 for a scandalous ‘Facebook Millionaire’ kit, and thanks to ‘Hoax-Slayer’ they reveal the fine print once signing up shows a credit card will be getting charged $94 per month for continued access – Just wish to say thanks to Hoax-Slayer for bringing this up.

Spending $4 to earn a lot of money working from home using Facebook does not sound a lot of money at all, and this is where the temptation can overcome you. But then you start seeing $94 coming out of your account every month and you haven’t even earned anything from this new fake program.

Have you come across the Facebook Work from Home scam yet?

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  • fay

    Where do they find all the people to give their success stories – they obviously get paid a pretty sum to mislead others – Pathetic!!!!!!!!