New Twitter homepage for non-account holders

Twitter is releasing a few new features of late and one on its list is a new homepage, but this one has a difference to the normal standard homepage.

The traditional Twitter homepage we all know so well is boring, it is where no account holder really visits anymore. All you get to see is a photo and a little information, which to be fair is dull. So a new homepage for non-account Twitter users is the next feature to be released according to Re/code.

New Twitter homepage for non-account holders pic 2

If you are a Twitter users but do not have an account, the new homepage might just suit your needs, as reported by the source above this is all experimental at this given time. Tests have already begun and apparently show visitors a little look into what they may get if they did have an account with Twitter.

In a nutshell, if you do not have an account Twitter will show you what you are missing – Basically enticing you to open a new account of your own rather than just looking at others.

New Twitter homepage for non-account holders pic 1

In the new Twitter homepage version will show multiple streams of tweets such as “TV shows and stars,” and “General news sources” (As reported by Re/code). These are brought up from popular accounts on the micro-blogging site. For more information please do visit the source above, we will let you know more when we hear more about the new Twitter homepage for non-account holders.

Register your interest for the Code/Media conference, which is happening on February 17th, and 18th, 2015. Twitter ad boss Adam Bain will be on stage at the conference.

New Twitter homepage for non-account holders pic 3