facelink.com is worst backed social media project

There are so many social media ideas, and to make them reality people turn to crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter. But one project baffling the brain and not going anywhere soon is facelink.com.

Facelink.com is a social media website where people can join to say anything they want to about anything, it is also a social media platform about confessing and pledging – confused!

facelink.com is worst backed social media project

A social media website where you can say anything, ok that is great. Expressing your feelings about anything, this is great also. In the Kickstarter description it mentions ‘could be anything say, about having done a generous job today by donating, to admitting infidelity etc’, which is another great idea.

When you are on facelink.com you can be honest, tell lies, let your hair down and talk about politically correct statements and let go of all diplomacy, the barriers are down.

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Problem One

All the above sounds great, right? Wrong! All the above is basically Facebook.

Problem Two

You can pledge $1 or more, if you do this you become a product owner, where you can make suggestions during the making of the project. The estimated delivery is October 2016. The problem is, donating $1 is not going to get to your target of $1,500,000 AUD.

Problem Three

Out of curiosity when you type in facelink.com into your browser it opens a website called spark.net, this is a little strange.

Problem Four

This is the best part, 1 backer has donated $1 AUD of a $1,500,000 goal, and the kicker is the project now needs to find $1,499,999 in 23 days, which ends Feb 27 2015 at 2:26 PM GMT.

Problem Five

$1,500,000 to back a website, that can be built for free. Each person that pledges becomes an owner; does this mean they will earn a profit-sharing platform with the creator? That is great if there are about 20 owners, but $1 per pledge means 1.5 million owners, this means no profit at all really.

About the Creator

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