Sri Lanka National Holiday 2015 Feb 4

This occasion is constantly celebrated on 4 February. It essentially observes Sri Lanka’s freedom from British rule on 4 February 1948, however it is a day to recall Sri Lanka’s battle for independence from different administrations.

At the point when Europeans initially began landing in the area for exchange and supreme development, Sri Lanka was an appealing place considering its area.

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The Portuguese were the first to make a genuine endeavor at colonisation in the sixteenth century. Around 100 years later, the island was desired by the Dutch, prompting conflicts between the Portuguese and Dutch.

On 4 February 1948, British Ceylon was allowed autonomy as Ceylon and turned into a domain inside the British Empire. Wear Stephen Senanayake turned into its first Prime Minister.

Inevitably, given their energy base in the area and dreading the island could fall under French control, the British took control of the beachfront ranges in 1796, naming it Ceylon. By 1815 they were the first provincial force to control the entire island.

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Sri Lanka celebrates its National Day with authority services, and military parades. The principle festivals happen in the biggest city, Colombo, where the President lifts the national banner and makes a speech, which is shown on Television.

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