Pandora Valentines 2015 LookBook, Preview collection

Valentines Day 2015 is only around the corner and already big named brands are coming forward to get you in the mood to provide your loved one with a gift they can remember. One particular brand has released its new ‘LookBook’ and ‘Collections Preview’.

You can now get in the mood with the new Pandora sneak peek Valentines Collection, when you visit this new page you will see many lovely pieces and just by clicking on the interactive ‘+’ symbol it will open a new pop-up box providing more details about that particular piece such as read more and the price. If you scroll a little further on this page you will see a little message with a link saying, “Discover the whole Valentine’s jewellery collection here.”

Pandora Valentines 2015 LookBook, Preview collection pic 1

At the top of this page is a small video for you to watch and then the whole Valentine’s Jewelry Collection. You can either click on the ‘See All Products’ or simply scroll down the page t explore more such as ‘Inspirations’ ‘Find the Perfect Gift’, and much more.

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 is going to be huge this year, and they want you to be a part of something special with this new sneak peek into the Valentines collection. They also want you to see its Valentines Day Pinterest Pins. We hope you enjoy the Pandora jewelry sale on Valentines Day.

Pandora has also released its new ‘Valentine’s 2015 LOOKBOOK, this is where Pandora celebrates the precious bonds and emotions of love with a beautiful collection of hand-finished jewellery in sterling silver and 14k gold, decorated with glittering stones and timeless motifs.

Pandora Valentines 2015 LookBook, Preview collection pic 2

Visit the Pandora Valentine’s 2015 LOOKBOOK here and then click on the ‘Be Inspired’ button; there are seven pages and more details to go through, the pages are fully interactive. We will not spoil it for you, all we say is “Happy Valentines Day on February 14, and we hope you have a wonderful time filled with love.”

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Pandora Valentines 2015 LookBook, Preview collection pic 3