COD Advanced Warfare Server not working with error code 8224

Gamers are seeing ‘error code 8224’at the moment, which basically means the COD Advanced Warfare servers are down.

The error code 8224’ issues has been going on for about an hour so far, this is happening when Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gamers are trying to play online. In a nutshell meaning players cannot fetch their profiles.

COD Advanced Warfare Server down with error code 8224 pic 2

Gamers are already taking to social media to vent their anger of the COD Advanced Warfare downtime, a few players have said you can try and restart your console and this may sort the issue out.

Two of the main tweets popping up on a regular basis on Twitter is ‘COD Modern Warfare servers are not working’ and ‘Call of Duty servers down again’.

COD Advanced Warfare Server down with error code 8224 pic 3

Sledgehammer Games @SHGames has just tweeted letting players know they are aware there are server problems on both PS3 and PS4 versions of Advanced Warfare; they are working with PlayStation to resolve the issue.

To stay up-to-date on the latest information, we recommend visiting Down Today for gamers’ comments or Sledgehammer Games above.

Are you having problems with COD Advanced Warfare servers being down?

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  • Phillip Moeller

    Is there a reason it gives me the code and not letting me on online