Justin Bieber Here We Go Facebook video breaks 4m views

Justin Bieber has done some silly things in his time, but just like the rest of the world he is human and mistakes can be made. He is in the limelight all of the time probably 24/7, so to see and hear his heartfelt video he posted on Facebook after the Ellen DeGeneres birthday show you can see a little vulnerability.

The nearly 21-year-old Justin Bieber surprised Ellen DeGeneres; he was a surprise guest who gave her flowers and some Calvin Klein underwear.

Justin Bieber Here We Go Facebook video breaks 4m views pic 1

Fans thought he done really well on the Ellen show, but Bieber didn’t agree and posted a heartfelt video on his Facebook. He said he felt a little awkward up there and people were judging him. He made the video shown below to let everyone know he cares about people.

Before he made the Facebook video he said on the Ellen DeGeneres show, “I just get nervous around crowds when I’m not singing, just naturally I’m a performer.”

He also took to his Twitter to say it was good seeing Ellen, and said “Happy birthday! Sorry I was so nervous.” Ellen did reply by saying, “You were perfect. Thanks for surprising me!

Justin Bieber Here We Go Facebook video breaks 4m views pic 3

Social media went crazy yesterday after the Facebook video went live, fans took to Twitter and Facebook using hashtags #DearJustin and #WeDontJudgeYouJustin. The video has made a social media impact, already it has gained 311,459 likes, 29,863 comments and 25,233 shares, it has also had 4,233,309 views.

What do you think of the Justin Bieber Facebook video below?

Justin Bieber Here We Go Facebook video breaks 4m views pic 2

  • Smith Alice

    He behaved like a child without knowledge after what he did… I think so but I don’t hate him, I still like ‘Baby’ :3
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