Charter Internet outage today Jan 30 angers users

Charter’s Internet is down at the moment and complaints are already coming in fast over on Twitter.

Charter Communications customers are not happy at all that they cannot access their Internet service, the lack of service is a pain and some are even considering leaving altogether for another ISP.

Charter Internet outage today Jan 30 angers users pic 1

If you visit the official @Charter Twitter page you will see they are well aware of the issue, customers have asked when the service will be up and running again and Charter tweeted back with, “Currently our team does not have an estimated time for restored access. We will be sure to keep you updated. Sorry for the downtime.”

The Internet downtime started around about an hour ago and is still out. There is no official word of when Charter services will be up and running again.

Charter Internet outage today Jan 30 angers users pic 3

It seems to be a widespread problem in multiple areas. Are you having Charter Internet problems? If so please do let us know if the service is down for you today.

Charter Internet outage continues into Feb 17 pic 3

  • youguysarereallynuts

    Yes it’s down for me too. Not many other options here so hope is back up soon

  • d MN is down and area around Minnesota

  • ASAP

    its not charter is a backbone provider. it looks like level 3 and cogent.

  • sun johnson

    Montrose, CO is down

  • aneunayme

    billings and Bozeman Montana are down

  • Tired of the “reliable” servic

    Sterling, Co down all afternoon. Repeated issues over last few weeks. On now but slow.

  • Aurora Knight

    Casper is down

  • Jujo

    Been pretty much down as of yesterday eve., jan. 29th. Livingston Montana

  • Ashutosh Parekh

    Location 63021 mo internet access down this morning since 930am cst