Taylor Swift hits back at hackers on Twitter

Looks like hackers Lizard Squad think Taylor Swift is funny, they threatened to release nude photos of the celebrity after they hacked into her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

But it seems Taylor Swift is not bothered at all and hits back at the hackers with style, she has a staggering 51.4 million followers. After her account was apparently hacked her followers were asked to follow @lizzard and @veriuser.

Taylor Swift hits back at hackers on Twitter

But since her fans were asked to follow @lizzard and @veriuser, Twitter has since suspended both accounts. Lizard Squad took to its account @LizardMafia to let its followers know two lizards’ Twitter accounts were suspended, which includes @Lizzard & @notchF, they even said it wouldn’t surprise them if @LizardMafia account was next.

@Lizzard is apparently the leader of Lizard Squad, and they were the ones in the news for taking down Xbox Live and PSN, they also said they took down Facebook and Instagram even though Facebook said it was an internal fault and not hackers.

Taylor Swift hits back at hackers on Twitter pic 3

Anyway, back to Taylor Swift. She took to her Tumblr page to let everyone know her Twitter account was hacked, but not to worry. Twitter has already deleted the hackers tweets and they locked her account to find out what happened as well has getting her a new password.

Taylor Swift saw the funny side of things and tweeted a few messages, “Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack.” In another tweet she said she hopes the hackers have fun photoshopping because they do not have any nude pictures of her.

Will Taylor Swift beat the hackers, or will Lizard Squad find a way in?

Taylor Swift hits back at hackers on Twitter pic 2