Miss Universe 2015, Jamaica in social media outrage

The Miss Universe 2015 crown went to Colombia’s Paulina Vega, and in 5th place as fourth runner up was Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell. As soon as her 5th place was announced the crowd booed and people took to Twitter to vent their outrage on the decision.

Twitter users were somewhat angry when Miss Jamaica 5th place decision was announced at the Miss Universe 2015 beauty pageant in Miami. One Twitter user said, “It looks like #MissUniverse’s world isn’t ready to a black, elegant, short hair and INTELLIGENT woman as #MissJamaica,”

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Another Twitter user said Miss Jamaica’s 5th place was not right she was wronged. Hashtags that trended included #MissUniverse, #MissJamaica and #MissColombia, these were used in most of the tweets that came in whilst the pageant was underway, even more so when Kaci Fennell decision came in.

The Miss Universe winner Paulina Vega is a beautiful woman and she deserved to win, but Twitter users believe Kaci Fennell with her Halle Berry hairstyle and swimsuit was absolutely stunning and should have at least been in the top 3.

Miss United Nations Ambassador, Sonia Sharma said on Twitter, “#MissJamaica is a role model, and the new #MissUniverse2015 in my eyes.” Take a look at what else she said below.

Miss Universe 2015, Jamaica in social media outrage

Do you think Miss Jamaica’s Kaci Fennell was wronged with a 5th place decision?

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega and Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell are already making way on social media, they both have a great following and showing an impact. Below you will see their name, social media site and how many people they have following them on that network.

Kaci Fennell: Facebook 71,972 / Twitter 17.9K / Instagram 80.8K.

Paulina Vega: Facebook 126,134 / Twitter 143K / Instagram 656K.

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  • Ange

    Wow? After looking at these two Ladies, its obvious that Ms. Jamaica not only looks more Modern, but definately more Substantial; in every sense!