Seth Rogen v Kid Rock after American Sniper tweet

Millions around the world support the military for their bravery and hard service they provide to protect the country. Kid Rock is well known for his support of the U.S. military, and to prove this he commented about Michael Moore and Seth Rogen ‘American Sniper’ response.

Actor Seth Rogen and filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter and remarked about “American Sniper”, but Seth said people got him wrong in so many words.

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If you take a look at Seth Rogen’s Twitter you will see majority is taken up with him explaining himself. He defends himself by saying he was not comparing two things, which were American Sniper and Nazi propaganda. He went on to say Apples reminds him of oranges, but you cannot compare them can you?

Seth Rogen then tweeted a screenshot of what he wanted to say as Twitter only allows 140 characters, and Seth’s note is longer. (Read the note below). His tweet said before the note, “I truly hope this clears things up.”

But, Kid Rock does not seem happy at all, so much so he took to his official website and had his say. He mentioned both Michael Moore and Seth Rogen, content warning if you are easily offended by expletives. Read what Kid Rock say’s below, Rogen did hit back on Twitter after Kid Rock said, “Seth Rogen, your uncle probably molested you.” Rogen hit back with the tweet, “And what’s super weird is that @KidRock IS my uncle.”

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What are your views on Seth Rogen, do you think he did anything wrong?

Michael Moore has also hit back hard over on Facebook, this is a long status message worth reading. Moore says, “So, Fox News and the other lazy media — quit making shit up about me! You look ridiculous. If you want to have a debate with me about the ISSUES and the POLICIES, then let’s have it. If you want to debate a movie that’s trying to rewrite history, then let’s have that.”


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