NFL Patriots DeflateGate with Tom Brady, Rob Finnerty

Controversy what is being called “DeflateGate” is still ongoing, after the Patriots footballs did not meet league air pressure specifications during the New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts in the first half of the AFC title game.

The Patriots won 45-7, and since the air pressure specifications were not met investigations are still underway. It seems a ball that has been deflated can make it a lot easier to grip making it even easier to make passes.

NFL Patriots DeflateGate with Tom Brady, Rob Finnerty pic 2

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick insists they did nothing wrong at all. Since the DeflateGate begun social media has gone crazy, Facebook is being inundated with comments, YouTube with new videos and tweets on Twitter are still coming in at a very fast rate.

According to the latest news reports Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has not yet talked to the NFL, but this hasn’t stopped videos being released. The three videos below have taking the number 1,2 and 3 spots for trending in YouTube (United States).

NFL Patriots DeflateGate with Tom Brady, Rob Finnerty pic 3

The first video is titled ‘Deflate Gate SNL Cold Opening. Tom Brady Saturday Night Live’ and has so far had 310,315 views since being published by ‘youaintnutso’ on 24 Jan 2015. The reason this is trending in YouTube is simply down to getting 200,000+ new local views, this one has had 2012 comments so far and they are interesting.

In the Saturday Night Live they take aim at the deflate-gate controversy, in the comedy sketch Tom Brady “I just assumed that the air in the football was the same amount of air that was in the pig when it died.” Watch the video for the rest; we will not spoil it for you.

The second video titled ‘News Anchor Destroys Patriots DeflateGate’ has had 267,955 views since being published by ‘bassettsboy’ on 22 Jan 2015 and has had 100,000+ new local views. This one is where news anchor Rob Finnerty goes all out on DeflateGate.

This third video is basically the first on above. However, this one was uploaded by
‘HappenToday’ and has had 192,738 views since being published on 24 Jan 2015, with 100,000+ new local views. The comments on this one has been disabled.

What are your views on the Patriots and the DeflateGate?

NFL Patriots DeflateGate with Tom Brady, Rob Finnerty pic 1