Blizzards of 2015: NYC snowstorm flight delays, cancellations

New York City and New England will be blasted with a heavy blizzard today and tomorrow (Monday 26, Tuesday 27). It has been said many communities may come to a complete standstill.

Those in the Northeast especially New England have been issued a blizzard warning and should prepare now, it has been advised not to wait for the heavy snow storm.

Blizzards of 2015- NYC snowstorm flight delays, cancellations pic 2

There is a clipper system bringing in nasty snow to the mid-Atlantic, but later in the day it will turn into a what is being called a ‘monster snowstorm’.

The snow forecast locations with a blizzard warning includes New York City and close suburbs, southern Connecticut as well as Long Island. There could be somewhere around 18 to 24 inches of snow with rates at 2 to 4 inches per hour, and winds reaching up to 30 mph with gusts up to 55 mph.

Statistics: Up to around 60 cm of snow for Northeast, United States. This could be one of the worst snowstorms in history in and around NYC. It was in 2006 Central Park recorded 68.3 cm.

There has been close to 3,000 flights cancelled so far, if you visit ‘Flight Aware’ they have all the latest’s light delay, cancellation details. So far there has been 2,778 flight delays, 2,443 cancellations.

Blizzards of 2015- NYC snowstorm flight delays, cancellations

At the moment the hashtag #Blizzardof2015 is trending in Twitter, another trending in Twitter is #Snowmageddon2015. People are searching for both ‘Blizzard of 2015’ and ‘Snowmageddon 2015’. The tweets are coming in super fast, these two hashtags are great if you wish to stay up-to-date on the latest NYC weather forecast.

NYC weather updates can also be found of on the government organization social media profiles called ‘Ready’, follow them by clicking the relevant links – Facebook / Twitter.

Do you live in New York? If so please do let us know what the weather is like there at the moment. We would love for you to keep us posted with comments.

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