H1Z1 servers enters extended down time

The H1Z1 servers went down yesterday at 2PM PT (10:00 PM GMT), but yet still there are still teething problems getting them back up and running properly.

Servers of the new zombie game H1Z1 was supposed to last just 2 hours, yet over on the official H1Z1 Game (@H1Z1game) Twitter account they tweeted just four hours ago saying that they are very anxious to get the game back online.

H1Z1 servers enters extended down time pic 2

In the H1Z1 tweet four hours ago they also said the new patch should make the game more stable, as well as adding this hashtag – #WeAllSurviveTogether

But then just one hour later they tweeted again saying they are still working on two issues, they do apologise for the extended downtime. These are apparent issues that need solving and not just to go back to the last patch.

If you visit the H1Z1 Facebook profile they have added a link to is Reddit page titled ‘H1Z1 Update Notes and Downtime: 1/20’, this is where they list what they are doing. They also list what its new update has fixed, including the metal gate will now work properly, structures are now more resistant to damage and much more.

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Follow H1Z1 on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates, Twitter seems the best options as they tweet more than they Facebook.

Are you still having H1Z1 gaming problems?

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