American Sniper video review of fake baby trending

The fake baby from American Sniper video is trending in YouTube with 500,000+ new local views. Clint Eastwood may have run out of budget and decided to buy the plastic toy baby from Toys R’ Us.

Thanks to Reel Bad Movies they uploaded the American Sniper fake baby on January 19, and already it has gone viral with 1,786,835. Did Eastwood run out of money or couldn’t he trust Bradley Cooper and movie wife with a real baby?

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Millions of people have watched the box office movie raking in more than $90,000,000 in the opening weekend, and even we spotted the fake baby in the movie. It was rather pathetic seeing a plastic doll instead of a real baby, but please do not let this scare you away from the movie as it’s of pure brilliance.

It was in an emotional scene where Bradley Cooper and on-screen wife Sienna Miller were holding the baby, which clearly looked fake. The way the hands creepily moved was rather disturbing, not too far away from being a kid from a Chucky movie.

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Viewers are questioning Clint Eastwood’s decision in using a fake baby. One viewer said, “Can you really fool people into believing that was a real baby, when you have such a powerful movie based on a true story you cannot scrimp on such a thing in American Sniper.”

Please watch the ‘fake baby from American Sniper’ video review below.

What are your views on the fake baby from American Sniper?

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