Twitter video, tweets reveal ZipDial acquisition

Twitter has announced via blog, tweets and a video they have finally acquired Indian start-up ZipDial. The deal promises to make Twitter more accessible around the world without the worry of high data charges.

Countries such as Indonesia, Brazil and India over the next few years will see billions of people come online for the first time. Majority of the time Twitter is accessed via mobile but data charges frighten people to use the service. But the Twitter ZipDial partnership will make content more accessible to all.

Twitter video, tweets reveal Zipdial acquisition pic 1

No one knows how much Twitter paid for ZipDial, but according to TechCrunch the deal was worth between $30m to $40m.

ZipDial is based in Bangalore, southern India and they have been one of the best at communicating through what they call missed calls. Saving money is what ZipDial is all about. It is a product that can allow a friend a missed call to indicate arrival at a decided destination, which saves money on making a phone call.

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Companies, friends can reach others in say India even if they are not on the Internet, but some cannot afford data access and this is where the acquisition comes into play for the future of making Twitter more accessible.

You can read the announcement tweets via Twitter and ZipDial, as well as reading the full statement over on the Twitter blog and by watch the video provided below. The acquisition announcement was also made on the official ZipDial Facebook and Google Plus.

Twitter video, tweets reveal Zipdial acquisition pic 2