Obama’s State of the Union start time and live stream

President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver his sixth annual State of the Union 2015, which only happens once a year. This time round there are a few clues on the official White House Twitter account of what to expect.

This year over on The White House Twitter account the few clues provided so far include his call for speech for making community college free, it will also include cyber security, new taxes, much faster Internet, paid sick leave and much more.

Obama’s State of the Union 2015 time and live stream pic 2

The Twitter account also reveals the invitation of guests to the First Lady’s Box, this means Americans from across the country could receive phone calls inviting them to sit with First Lady Michelle Obama in the First Lady’s box at the 2015 State of the Union Address.

President Obama will be making his speech at the House of Representatives, which will take and State of the Union 2015 start time will be at 9 p.m. EST Tuesday January 20.

Majority of major TV networks will be airing the State of the Union, as so will many cable news channels, but there will also be a live stream taking place. The President’s team has a great revamped State of the Union webpage and will be offering a live video stream and it will also be interactive and more personalized. Just visit this White House State of the Union page January 20, 2015 and you will get to see shareable boxes in grid format displaying all the information from the speech.

Obama’s State of the Union 2015 time and live stream

Obama will be taking centre podium in front of House Speaker John Boehner, Vice President Joe Biden, Members of Congress, president’s Cabinet and the Supreme Court.

The best ways to engage and get the latest #SOTU updates are via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr / YouTube. You can also get much more information via this ‘Engage and Connect’ website, which is a great place to be to join online events with the White House officials where questions and comments are taken.

Are you looking forward to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union 2015 speech tomorrow?

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