Maroon 5 Sugar video: fake vs real in social mayhem

The Maroon 5 Sugar music video where you see the band crash weddings is causing somewhat of a social media stir at the moment; even days after the release of the video people are still questioning it.

Surprising newlyweds at their own receptions is what Maroon 5 wanted to achieve, and in the video below this is exactly what they did. It actually puts a smile and a little tear upon ones face.

Maroon 5 Sugar video- fake vs real in social mayhem pic 2

At the beginning of the music video you see front man Adam Levine and he say’s, “”We are going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can.” They seem to drive form wedding to wedding where they surprise many couples. They start to put up a big curtain and then the band sets up, when the curtains drop both newlyweds and guests are in awe and of course in shock.

But news groups are saying it is all lies, the whole set-up was staged. These weddings were faked according to The Six Thirty; they really go to town on the fake video.

In one part of The Six Thirty article they say people should stop sharing the video on Facebook, they also talk a little about 2Woos where they believe the two are acting to role of “parents of Asian bride”, and to verify this if you visit the official 2Woos Facebook page they made a status statement. 2Woos says, “who really cares if it is real or not … it’s a great music video and we are proud to have been a part of it.”

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Millions love the Maroon 5 track Sugar, and 2Woos also said they do not care if the weddings were staged or not, it’s a great video and heart warming.

Does it really matter if the Maroon 5 Sugar video is fake or real?

Call it how you want, the Maroon 5 Sugar video over on Marron5VEVO YouTube channel has already gain a staggering 44,081,353 views since being uploaded on January 14, 2015.

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