Unfriended movie trailer horror on Laura barns suicide

Movies such as Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity has nothing on the new Unfriended horror movie releasing April 17, 2015. Just watching the trailer is disturbing enough.

Are you ready to watch ‘Unfriended’ where things start to happen after a party movie went viral leading to Laura Barns suicide?

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The movie Unfriended 2015 starts off with the Laura Barns video, this is unsettling to say the least especially with the social media twist. The movie is set on a high school student named Laura Barns where she committed suicide, she took her own life after an embarrassing video went viral.

A year after Barns death her classmates were all chatting on Skype Chat online, this is where all strange things start happening with a touch of supernatural brilliance in tow. The dead girls Skype account is chatting with the classmates, horror at its best.

Unfriended movie trailer horror on Laura barns suicide pic 3

The embarrassing video shows Laura Barns passed out at a party, maybe the video shouldn’t have been shared. Unfriended is also having a social media impact online, join the horror on the official Facebook profile where you can join 236,926 followers. Other social media networks to follow the movie include Twitter where you can join 29.1K followers, as well as Instagram and Google Plus.

Are you looking forward in seeing the new horror movie Unfriended?

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