Twitter went down with technical fault

Twitter went down for a brief moment with an on-screen message saying, something is technically wrong.

There was an error with Twitter and the team said thanks for noticing, they are trying to fix it has soon as they can and hopefully things will be back to normal.

Twitter went down with technical fault

There was technical a fault as this was seen on Twitter’s homepage, but no one knows what kind of technical fault it was.

Twitter is now back up and running, but this has not stopped the tweet complaints coming it. One user said, “What is wrong with my Twitter, I saw a technical error on Twitters homepage when I tried to access my account. Bet Twitter doesn’t let us know what went wrong.

One of our readers believes the amount of breaking news happening at the moment with Paris, fires, Belgium issues Oscars and much more Twitter servers just got a little too busy.

What do you think the technical problem was over on Twitter?

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  • Jack

    I just had the something is technically wrong message pop up with one of my twitter accounts, I used incognito on Google Chrome and signed in successfully with a different account and could see that the account I couldn’t sign into was still up and running. So I logged out and tried to sign back in with the main account, still the same error message. I googled another user while signed in and couldn’t get a look at anyone without the same error message. I closed incognito reopened it and tried again. Again I could log in with one but not the other. So I closed Chrome altogether and reopened it and I could sign in again without any problems. My “history” file is corrupt and unreadable so I’m pretty certain that this error is related to my computer’s HDD and possibly trying to access some cache that it couldn’t. This is probably true for anyone who has been able to fix this problem by using a different browser like Firefox or Internet explorer. Try deleting and reinstalling the internet browser you are currently using or if you tech-savvy just create a new browser profile in the browser’s main folder, I know that was my problem, you never know, it might be yours as well.