NFL Super Bowl XLVII Africa TV rights

NFL Super Bowl XLVII is all set to start February 1, 2015 where the games will kick off at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, USA. Africa TV rights this year will be going to Zuku and SuperSport.

Both Zuku and SuperSport are African pay-TV operators have just struck a deal with ESPN’s distribution to broadcast.

NFL Super Bowl XLVII Africa TV rights

The NFL will be covered in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda and five other areas. SuperSport will broadcast to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

NFL Super Bowl XLVII Africa live coverage agreements have been finalised according to Heather White, director of Sports Distribution, ESPN. This means millions of people in Africa will not miss out on these championship games.

NFL Super Bowl XLVII TV impacting social media

Amongst many Super Bowl Facebook and Twitter accounts out there both SuperSport and Zuku will be updating its social media channels as and when the games begin.

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SuperSport Facebook / SuperSport Twitter.

The latest news over on Zuku’s Twitter shows its service was interrupted last night due to power interference in certain areas. SuperSport is covering a lot at the moment on its Twitter account; they have even mentioned The NBA where the Bucks & the Knicks are hitting the streets of London.

Zuku Facebook / Zuku Twitter.

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