Xbox Live Support down with a glitch

It seems thousands of gamers are seeing a glitch with Xbox Live Support, when visiting the website it came up with an error message.

Gamers have taken to Twitter complaining about Xbox Live Support, with majority asking @XboxSupport if they can confirm this. One twitter user said Xbox Live is being uncooperative could you please confirm this.

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Well, @XboxSupport have confirmed there are issues. They have now tweeted asking users, “Having troubles accessing support content on They also said engineers are on it, in the meantime all updates will be posted here.

If you visit this page you will see they are working on things, they report if any member is having any trouble accessing ‘Xbox Live Service Status Page’ they want everyone to know they are working on it. It seems the affected platforms are the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Xbox Live Support down with a glitch

Gamers maybe experiencing issues with getting data stored using the cloud, other affecting areas include Live members, viewing achievements and unlocking achievements.

Many Xbox Live users are taking to social media to vent their anger. You have only got to visit Twitter or Facebook to see comments and tweets coming in fast.

Is Xbox Live Support down for you?

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  • pat

    Cant get into titanfall since monday afternoon!