Facebook lagging and loading error aggravation

Reports are coming in that Facebook lagging issues and loading error problems are occurring.

Our readers are reporting there are issues with Facebook lagging on Chrome and Firefox, all seems to be well using the mobile app, which means it is a desktop issue only.

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A few users have reported problems with Facebook lagging, where it seems to take a rather long time for notifications to load.

In some cases chats are taking forever to close and photos will not load. Even when trying to log out of Facebook it just sits there with nothing happening. One user even said they will close their FB account if it is not sorted.

Is Facebook’s response fast enough for you, or is it lagging?

Facebook lagging

OSM has checked its Facebook profiles and all seems to be working fine, we have tested using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. The best tip we could provide is to clear out all your browsers history, cache and cookies etc. It is always best to clear browser data on a regular basis if you use your PC a lot. You could also re-install and install your browser, always best to try things out rather than get frustrated.

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  • 2ka

    I am experiencing an error as soon as I am trying to load the facebook page

    • Iac

      me too

      • Bart

        Me too…

  • Bart

    Messenger doesnt work too

  • catherine caballero

    tried everything, change DNS delete browser history, cache, time and date. I even restarted my computer but still the same problem. I give up, goodbye facebook