Charlie Hebdo cover of Muhammad causing social media storm

After the Charlie Hebdo attack just over a week ago the satirical newspaper has now put on sale its latest edition. This is the first edition since the shootings and it is causing a social media storm

The Charlie Hebdo cartoon on the front of the newspaper shows a crying Prophet Muhammad, who is holding a sign saying in “Je Suis Charlie,” with the headline “”All Is Forgiven.”

Charlie Hebdo cover of Muhammad causing social media storm

In the newspaper there are other cartoons of a nun relieving herself and the pope dressed up in mafia gear. The newspaper normally circulates between 40,000 to 60,000 copies, but todays copy was selling fast so they upped the number to 3 million. However, the demand for the copy saw 5 million copies printed.

Today’s copy of the paper has 16-pages with 57 cartoons. It seems the paper is so popular people will pay a lot of money for one. If you visit eBay you will see the ‘Charlie Hebdo Magazine Special Edition January 14 2015 UK Version’ on sale for £686.66 so far. Update: The price keeps changing, like now it say’s £155 – Is this a fake eBay sale?

It seems Twitter is going crazy at the moment with reactions to the Charlie Hebdo cover, at one stage the hashtag #whoisMuhammad was trending in Twitter. The cover is causing a huge debate on free speech, some tweets are coming in saying this could cause even more problems with extremists. Some are even saying this could cause a bigger attack than the others last week, will the general public be at risk for even holding the newspaper?

At the moment the tweets under the name ‘charlie hebdo cover’ are coming in a very fast rate.

What are your views on the Charlie Hebdo cover?

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