Martin Luther King Jr Day 2015 day of service

On January 19, 2015 it will be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and many events around the world will be happening on this day of service.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an official American federal holiday to celebrate MLK JR’s birthday, which is January 15.

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There will be many events and celebrations happening, such as on Martin Luther King Jr. Day the North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt National Park will not be charging entrance fees, the park will also waive its camping fees.

Michigan State University (MSU) will also be marking its Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2015 celebration, where they will be commemorating the one-year anniversary of a major campus and community programme called Project 60/50. Learn more about this here.

Western North Carolina will also be honouring MLK Jr with its 34th Annual Martin Luther King Jr ‘Prayer Breakfast’, which will be held at the Crowne Plaza Resort, 1 Resort Drive in Asheville January 17 at 8:30 a.m.

Social media is a great place to learn all about MLK JR, and the ‘About Martin Luther King, Jr.’ Facebook page explains all. This page also talks about his profession, children, where he was born, all about albums, songs, films, books and so much more.

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You may also want to visit this Twitter page, where you can keep-up-to-date with all the events happening around the world to celebrate MLK JR, as well as what people have to say.

How will you be celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr Day?

Projects around the world are happening, people can volunteer to take action, expand their knowledge base, million will donate funds and goods to benefit other, become an advocate to inspire others and so much more. For a more detailed look into Martin Luther King day of service please visit

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