Facebook Amber Alert, NCMEC to find missing children

Children sadly go missing every day and to help find the, Facebook has decided to join hands with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

To make an even better effort the new Amber Alerts will be made available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Facebook Amber Alert, NCMEC to find missing children pic 1

By Facebook and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children joining forces it will better assist authorities in searching for those missing children.

The good news is Facebook will be posting descriptions and pictures of any vehicle involved. There are over 180 million Facebook users in America and using the Amber Alert system will be focussed to users in the area the child went missing, which basically means it is regionalized.

If a child goes missing Facebook users maybe in a position to help, it makes perfect sense for Facebook users help find a missing child and bring them home to their loved ones. Social network users have the option to delete posts they have shared if they wish to, but if you get an Amber Alert they hope people read the information as so to help keep eyes open.

The service will not need any user to sign up; the alerts will be delivered automatically, if a child went missing in your area. Those who reside in the US will probably see one or maybe two alerts per year. There will be buttons in place on Facebook allowing users to share information, as well as a new “Learn More” button for users to connect to the NCMEC missing child poster etc.

Please do watch the video below courtesy of USA Today for more information – Do you like the idea of Facebook Amber Alerts to help find missing children?

Facebook Amber Alert, NCMEC to find missing children