Comcast, Time Warner Cable Internet outages persistent

Comcast and Time Warner Cable Internet outages seem to be persistent at the moment. Reports are coming in slowly, which means it is a minor problem rather than a huge one.

Over on Twitter people are tweeting their frustrations of the Internet being down with Comcast and TWC. On the Comcast side one Twitter user said they personally dislike Comcast and cannot wait until they get Title II internet.

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A few areas having Comcast Internet outage issues include Bloomington, NE DC, Monongahela PA, Eastern Massachusetts, Houston and many more.

Time Warner Cable outages are also occurring, Yet again over on Twitter the complaints are coming in, one tweet said, “TWC is a joke, I have been paying way to much for the worst ever Internet.” Another said Time Warner Cable sucks.

There is also a tweet making its rounds on stopping the Comcast takeover, if you do not want Comcast to control America’s Internet you can tell the FCC and Congress. You can stop Comcast’s takeover of Time Warner Cable, just search twitter for ‘Comcast Takeover’. Also in the news is the FCC has re-starting the Comcast-TWC shot clock, read more over on Multichannel News.

Are you having Comcast or Time Warner Cable Internet outages?

Comcast, Time Warner Cable Internet outages persistent

  • disqusingthis

    I have been experiencing problems with Time Warner for the past couple days here in OC, CA. It seems to affect some web sites more than others. Images intermittently fail to load and entire sites fail to load. Time Warner used to have a system status page on their web site. They removed it.