Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon release with Je suis sign debate

Charlie Hebdo will be releasing its next cover Wednesday January 14, the cover will show prophet Muhammad crying holding a sign saying “Je suis Charlie.”

Underneath the new Charlie Hebdo cartoon will have a headline saying, “Tout est pardonné,” Some believe the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon will cause controversy as this is what stirred up the Paris attack.

Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon release with Je suis sign debate pic 2

There will be 3 million copies made of the crying Muhammad, with the words Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie) and Tout est pardonné (All is forgiven).

In was first going to print 60,000 copies, but Charlie Hebdo decided to up it to 3 million. This was simply down to popular demand from customers placing orders around the world.

Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon release with Je suis sign debate pic 3

This has come after Islamic gunmen killed 17 people in three days; they rushed into Charlie Hebdo’s offices and opened fire because they released satirical images of Mohammad in the past. Extra soldiers and police are on full alert providing security in France.

Social media channels, especially Twitter is discussing the release of the cartoon cover, some are saying it should not be released. Many newspapers are showing guts by showing the cartoon cover, where many are not showing it as not to cause another massacre.

What are your views on the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons being released on January 14th, should everyone show the cartoon cover?

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  • james

    may the true infidels rot in hell( mohammad and his followers)

    • Aref Khatib

      God Almighty is the only One who knows what is in our hearts and who these infidels are. If you believe in One God and his Messengers, Angels, Books and the Day of Judgement than I would be very careful about putting a Prophet and his followers in this category. I agree with the fact that the infidels whom God knows, will definitely burn in Hell. But I am one who will judge others because only God Almighty is to be the Judge of the Universe. May God Almighty guide everyone to the right path.

      • Julie O.

        Let me say at the outset that I am not Muslim, but I have made a fairly intense study of Islam. Unfortunately for everyone, Charlie Hebdo’s “cartoons” depicted a complete lack of understanding of or care for the figure of Muhammed. All Charlie wanted to do was be sacrilegious and disruptive. He thought he was very cute. I am not condoning the actions of the gunmen, but I am upset and outraged by his depictions of the Prophet. Unfortunately again, this has sold millions more copies of a regrettable depiction; the triggering event was not one but many depictions intended to humiliate basically Islam itself. The cartoons pander to the worst beliefs of the ignorant; in that way, they do indeed promote anti-Muslim sentiments. This injustice has rocked the larger world into intense discussions which may in time net something more positive. Every action has unexpected reactions. Peace be unto you all.

  • Aref Khatib

    This subject is getting out of hand. First of all before start pre-judging others or any religion and this goes for all of mankind realize there are always more points of view which people should be allowed to express freely. It is a fact that islam brought us this freedom. There should not be any coercion in any religion especially Islam. These terrorist are just that and are not practicing Islam in any way. If they were true to Islam they would realize the pen is greater than the gun because the use of the pen can teach others whereas the gun only kills society. Who are they to judge what others do in the world? Only God Almighty is the One and Only Judge of everything in the universe.

  • Aref Khatib

    Islam embraces tolerance and teaches people have the right to make decisions on their own. These terrorist have only made people more aware of Charilie Hebdo and what they represent. Think about it a typical week they would sell around 50,000 copies per week and in one day they have reached more than 3 Million subscribers. Do these terrorist realize they are actually promoting what Charlie Hebdo is all about. I never heard anything at all about this company and when I researched what they are about I asked myself what kind of people would want to waste their time or money with this type of publishing? Many of the things they do are definitely going to arouse and upset many, but perhaps that is there way of getting more attention.

    • Avinzzh

      How long will you keep fooling yourselves in believing that Islam is religion of tolerance and peace? Open your eyes and see how unsafe the world you people have made. For your God’s sake evolve with time and learn to live with and accept rest of the world as you would like to be.

      • Inaam

        Sir that is not islam which you see ..They are terrorists they have no religion. In pakistan they are killing Muslims, You should have heard of the Peshawer school incident where they killed 136 children all of them were muslims.. In iraq they are killing muslims,, In islam our prophet taught us that killing of one human (not muslim) is like killing of whole humininty.

      • Hokkaido

        In terms of intolerance for other religions, Christianity surely must win the contest. Evangelical Christians believe that anyone who does not share their particular brand of Christianity is going to hell and will not be saved on Judgement day. The damage to other cultures and religions their constant proselitizing has done is immeasureable. Anders Breviek was a Christian and had written a Christian manifesto to support the massacre. Hitler believed he was doing his duty as a Christian in killing off the Jews in Europe. Catholic crimes against humanity during the inquisition are too many to count.

        • dj

          Umm no i don’t think so if anything hinduism wins because it accepts any religion however if someone does not except christianity u damn the not true

  • Aref Khatib

    People need to fully understand why in Islam we are are not to depict a picture of any of the Prophets, because it allows people to be mislead into worshiping a person rather focusing on what the Prophets taught us. Worship only One God Who is the Creator of the entire Universe and everything in it.

    • diesel

      And muslims need to understand that if they want to venture out of their sandbox and into our part of the world, that they need to be ready to live and accept our laws and ways of life as we are forced to observe theirs when we venture into their sandbox. they can’t have it both ways, they are no better than we are…and besides where would the world be without comedy and satire. we “allah” need a good laugh once in awhile… and may the bacon you cook for breakfast produce enough grease for your turban to stick to your head without falling off when you bow

  • A Human Being

    Violence is not the answer and what has happened in Paris is horrific. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered at the hands of violence. I can only imagine what it must feel like to live in fear, as many French people (including Muslims) must be right now..

    …And I also think there comes a point when we need to question any ideological stance that feeds a belief that it is OK to be intellectually violent too, by showing astonishing insensitivity towards what is precious and sacred to certain people. iMHO the images of Mohammed (peace be upon Him) in Charlie Hebdo are vicious and show a lack of consideration for others.

    I am not a Muslim or a Jew or a journalist or a terrorist. But I know that my blood is the same colour as yours – whatever you fear and whatever hurts your heart hurts my heart too, when all is said and done.

    We are One. how long will it take us to grow up and learn to live with each other? Harmony means to respect each other’s lives and Sachs others precious and beautiful spiritual beliefs too.

  • Charlie

    Viva La France

  • Dean Nguyen

    Viva Charlie Hebdo

  • Fariborz Mokhtari

    I am thinking about the limits of freedom. And the matter that if you are permitted to write or say anything because you are free. Or in a social life you should limit the extent of your freedom to be able to leave peacefully together. This is a basic question which should be answered in the first step for the people forming a society.

  • Hokkaido

    The Pope made a good point when he said that although Charlie Hebdo has the right to publish this cartoon, we should be respectful of each other’s religions. I’d like to add to that – rights permit us to do many things, but responsibility limits what we can do. We need to always balance our rights with our responsibilities. Is offending hundred of millions of people really a responsible way to exercise our right to freedom of speech? I think not.

  • dj

    Well looking at how to the Muslims are reacting this does not seem to extreme however there are limitations though we should really go into the muslim conflict to find that they are much worse than this

  • Harry

    Free speech is a fundamental right that democracy gives us in the West. Muslims should accept this if they want to live in this society. Muslims feel that they can act in a barbaric fashion in the name if Islam . They are brain washed from birth and cannot tell the difference between right and wrong . Majority of Muslims are too scared to do anything so they allow evil to take place . Muslims are intolerant of other religions and they abhor respecting the rights of others. Shame on all who support and justify murder

  • Unknown

    The work done by those two gunmen was very horrific…………..They both shouldn’t have killed those cartoonists…. The cartoonists were just doing their work…….. But as a Muslim I feel that they haven’t done a good job insulting our Prophet making insulting cartoons about him…. I’m not saying that we don’t want peace of course we want to have peace n harmony in this world…. We also want that every1 specially the women to have the Right To Freedom Of Speech And Expression. N i’m not joking! But that doesn’t mean any1 can insult any other relegion by these type of cartoons…. When a person’s relegion’ll be insulted publicly then that person’ll understand what we Muslims went through when we saw our prophet in a digusting way in these cartoons……………n Mr. Harry we Muslims Don’t have a hobby of acting in a way Barbaric way we r just protesting against it…..What those 2 gunmen have done is barbaric protests are also barabaric
    nowadays??????????????????????? n at last we are Not supporting the killings of those heroic cartoonists n whatever tragic thing that happened in France at that tragic period of time…….We are supporting our Prophet who has been shown disgustingly……………………………:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Unknown

    N r parents has trained n taught us what is right n what is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(