2K servers down again angers Twitter users

2K Games servers seem to be having a few issues at the moment, with complaints coming in from gamers saying the 2K servers are down.

On January 8th 2K were aware of NBA 2K15 issues, they were experiencing server issues. But the team were quick to get all up and running again, but now there seems to be server problems once again.

2K servers down again angers Twitter users

With 2K servers being down yet again how do gamers get to play games such as Borderlands, Grand Theft Auto, WWE 2K, NBA 2K and many more?

If you visit Twitter and search ‘2k servers down’ you will see tweets coming in at a rapid rate. One angry gamer said it is crap coming home to find the 2K servers down again, he cannot seem to login to PS4 and asks other tweeters if they are having problems.

Areas where 2K servers are down at today, these include DC, New York, Brazil, Kentucky, Macau, Berlin Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and a few more. 2K have not yet reported any outages on any of its Twitter accounts.

Are the 2K servers down for you, if so where do you reside?

2K servers down again angers Twitter users pic 1

  • Fuck2k

    Down for me and I’m from New Jersey

  • hancho

    Down in utah

  • guy

    Down in minneapolis

  • SpadesUpGeneral

    Down in Michigan

  • Dalton Carsten

    Down in Oklahoma

  • Brandon Jent

    Down in Kentucky

  • Dean Onizuka

    Down in hawaii

  • Tony Wright

    Down in indiana this is crap fix this so we can play our games

  • justin

    Down in florida and when it does work it lags the whole game. NBA live 2016

  • Deandre

    Down in Tampa

  • Meh

    Down in Saskatchewan. Or Canada if you are stupid.

  • justin

    Not stupid just don’t care bout canada

  • Monk

    Down in Ohio

  • Mat

    Down in Virginia

  • Shady

    I don’t need a girl. 2K goes down on me all the time

  • T67C

    Down in Oklahoma