Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins tame Twitter

Since Katie Hopkins has been in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother 2015’ house her Twitter account has been really tame – Are you missing her controversial tweets?

Katie Hopkins Twitter account is being updated by someone else whilst she is in the Big Brother house, and the last tweet posted was 15 hours ago saying she closed the show with Perez Hilton in her firing line, apparently the man needs to get a grip.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015- Katie Hopkins tame Twitter

Another tweet basically says what’s going on Perez, Kati looks like the lovely friend next door at the moment. Actually it is true, the world is on its head.

Katie Hopkins is both loved and hated around the world, she clearly has a massive social media following. Lovers believe if you do not like what she says then don’t follow her, its that simple.

Nether the less, it looks like Katie Hopkins is favorite to win Celebrity Big Brother 2015, the odds to win sits at Katie Hopkins 11/4 over on William Hill. When you look at the odds Hopkins is the worst, she was at one stage sitting pretty at 14/1.

At the moment the ‘Outright’ William Hill odds sit at Michelle Visage 5/2, Katie Hopkins 11/4, Keith Chegwin 4/1, Calum Best 8/1, Nadia Sawalha 9/1, Alicia Douvall 16/1, Patsy Kensit also at 16/1, Kavana 20/1, Chloe Goodman 33/1, Alexander O’Neal, Ken Morley and Perez Hilton all at 40/1 and Cami Li sits at 50/1.

Jeremy Jackson was booted out of the Big Bother house after contestant Chloe Goodman, 21 reported he opened her dressing gown showing her breast. Investigations are underway with the police working with the BB producers.

Who do you think will win Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother 2015?

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