Mia Khalifa Timeflies lyrics, SoundCloud track

Mia Khalifa maybe getting death threats for wearing a Hihab in one of her movies, but she has made many comebacks with one saying she is not Muslim.

Some have even said her head should be chopped off, but she said as long it isn’t her T*** because they were expensive. Anyway, she has become the number 1 star on an adult video sharing site as reported yesterday. And in light of this, outrage was caused all over social media channels.

Mia Khalifa Timeflies lyrics, SoundCloud track pic 1

She is a very beautiful woman and she knows it, and she is not shy in protecting herself and answering tweets back.

Khalifa has made a massive impact over the last few days, and now there is a new song about her from the Timeflies over on SoundCloud. The track is simply called ‘Mia Khalifa’.

Timeflies band members Rob and Cal has made tribute to Mia Khalifa on SoundCloud, and the track has already been played 60,927 times and has had 565 likes.

Over on the kehls11 YouTube Channel you can see the full Mia Khalifa Timeflies lyrics, below is the SoundCloud song we have embedded for you or you can just scroll to the video below showing the lyrics.

Mia Khalifa Timeflies lyrics, SoundCloud track