Jan Koum Facebook shows WhatsApp growth rate success

Facebook paid a staggering US$19 Billion for WhatsApp and it is yet to still make a profit, but this does not seem to be worrying CEO Mark Zuckerberg. But, the official Jan Koum Facebook page his post shows the WhatsApp latest active users etc.

Jan Koum Facebook post reports WhatsApp has reached a staggering 700 million monthly active, with over 30 billion messages being sent everyday.

Jan Koum Facebook shows WhatsApp growth rate success

Looks like WhatsApp is following the same path as Facebook, it seems every five months since last year April they rack up another 100 million users. Last April social application had 500 million active users, by August 2014 it had 600 million.

BBM and WeChat are going to be distant memories if WhatsApp continues its growth rate. Jan Koum said, “As humbled and excited as we are by these numbers and our continued growth, we’re even more excited to keep building a great product in 2015.”

The WhatsApp growth rate is huge, 11 million active users in Africa, looking at all these numbers compared to BBM’s 91 million active users you have to say where is BlackBerry going. However, WeChat has 468 million monthly active users, so not far behind WhatsApp.

At the moment there is a $1 charge per year subscription fee, users are charge this after the first year of use. Long way to go to get $19 billion.

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