Coachella 2015 full lineup with social media interactivity

There is only 93 days left until Coachella 2015 weekend 1 kicks off (April 10-12) and 100 days left for weekend 2 (April 17-19). The full Coachella 2015 lineup has now been released with full interactive social media, as well has having the ability to manage your personal lineup.

This year kicking of April 10 and for the 16th year running is not short of pure class and talent.

Coachella 2015 full lineup with interactive social media

Tickets have gone on sale today, it is a three day event one weekend and then the following weekend the three day event starts again. Artists such as AC/DC, Drake and Jack White are hot headliners this year.

Over on this lineup page you can simply click on the name of person or band you like, and when you do it opens a whole new level of interactivity. If say you click on AC/DC it will show you all the official links such as AC/DC’s website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify. It also allows you to login to Coachella to add your lineup.

Some of the artists such as Azealia Banks has all the above interactivity, but she has a section called ‘Playlist’ and when this is clicked allows you to enhance your Coachella experience with Spotify.

Who are you looking forward to seeing the most at Coachella 2015?

Coachella 2015 full lineup with interative social media pic 1