Xbox live down again in certain states

Many gamers are tweeting @xboxlivestatus xbox live status is down, and it seems they are having problems connecting.

Xbox live seems to be down today in certain states, gamers are reporting on Twitter letting other know they cannot get connection. One Twitter users tweeted saying they are very frustrated because they cannot play their game online.

Xbox live status down again in certain states

One Xbox Live users said they cannot access some content but they can watch Hulu. Some of the states in America having issues include Colorado, South Dakota, Texas and Utah.

One Xbox One gamer said they are very angry indeed because they were in the middle of Playing Destiny and cannot at the moment.

Another users said they are having issues with online play and party chat, he cannot hear friends and they cannot hear him. When playing GTA 5 online he keeps getting booted from the lobby.

One particular Xbox Live users said, “#XBoxLiveDown again. :/ Can I at least get the Destiny Exapansion for free or something!? Geezus. Might have to switch to #PS4.”

Some are providing help by saying you could unplug your system and then plug back in, and this should work. Please do let us know if this works for you.

Is Xbox Live down for you?

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    I’m down in Michigan