Twitter, Facebook CFS SA current fire updates

The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) current incidents are being updated on a regular basis on its official Twitter and Facebook pages. Hundreds of fire fighters are still battling wildfires in Australia, which has been at its worst in over 30 years.

High temperatures and ever-changing high winds are soaring, at this given time there are 67 incidents in total with 12 of them ongoing. The 12 that are ongoing include tree fires in Wattle Rd and Rake Rd Kersbrook with a level 1 stamped on it, there is also a tree down in Crafers Intg ramp to Swanport, and this has been given a level 1 – Please do look at the screenshots below courtesy of the official CFS Warnings and Incidents website.

Twitter, Facebook CFS SA current fire updates pic 1

Twitter, Facebook CFS SA current fire updates pic 2

CFS current alerts in Australia are still ongoing, there are fires still burning covering a 240-kilometre perimeter in South Australia. Around 40 outbuildings, over 20 homes and 12,000 hectares have been destroyed. It has been estimated around 29 people have been hurt without fatalities.

Ash Wednesday was the worst fires of 1983, where over 2,000 homes were destroyed leaving 75 people dead. Looking at the size and intensity of these fires today we have to take a bow and offer and massive handshake to all the fire fighters still working hard to fight the fires.

For up-to-date CFS incidents it is recommended to follow the official CFS Facebook page and CFS Twitter page where you can join 135,205 and 19.8K followers’ respectively. The CFS (SA Country Fire Service) social media pages will keep you informed of any warnings, safety updates and latest news. Facebook also shows the CFS maps.

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