Fairfax County Public Schools trending on Twitter

The hashtag #closeFCPS is trending in number one position at the moment on Twitter, and in response both parents and students are replying with angry tweets.

Fairfax County Public Schools Twitter page @fcpsnews has been regularly updated, but the tweets that are coming in clearly shows parents and students are outraged.

Fairfax County Public Schools hashtag trending on Twitter pic 1

FCPS decided to keep its doors open during the dangerous road conditions and snow, many other D.C schools have closed and they cannot understand why FCPS has not followed suit. The only way to vent their anger is by taking to social media, the updates on @fcpsnews have seen some angry tweets in reply.

Both hashtags #closeFCPS and #DCsnow are trending in Twitter at the moment.

The two tweets within the last hour includes FCPS afternoon preschool classes have been cancelled, and all activities in FCPS schools or grounds are cancelled. Late Tuesday morning, FCS issued a statement apologizing for the problems families faced this morning. They said that they made the decision to stay open based on the information available to them at the time.

Fairfax County Public Schools hashtag trending on Twitter