Facebook buys Wit.ai for possible speech to post

We have all heard of speech to text, but what about having the ability to have Facebook speech to post? This could all be possible seeing as now voice recognition company Wit.Ai is joining Facebook.

Facebook has acquired Wit.ai, which surely means voice-recognition speech to post action will be coming in the future. Typing a Facebook post may become a distant memory if Facebook moves forward.

Facebook buys Wit.ai for possible speech to post

Turning speech into a Facebook message or post would be fantastic; this will only work if we can speak in a normal manner without sounding like a robot.

Laurent Landwoski, Alex Lebrun and Willy Blandin only founded Wit.Ai in 2013. Lebrun was the founder and chief executive of VirtuOZ. Landowski was the General Manager of VirtuOZ.

As far as we can see over on LinkedIn Wit.Ai has 9 employees, included the three mentioned above. Facebook will apparently employ some employees and the three co-founders. No one is sure how much Facebook paid for Wit.Ai – do you know?

Will Facebook be using voice recognition technology for its social media platform?

Microsoft, Google, Apple are already using voice recognition, so it makes sense for Facebook to join in. Facebook can use the technology into many applications such as for the home, apps, posting onto Facebook itself, as well as making devices easier to connect with the social media platform.

Facebook voice recognition in the car sounds like a plan, hey Mark Zuckerberg this was our idea ok.

How do you think Facebook should use Wit.Ai technology?

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