Bess Myerson tribute on Twitter

Bess Myerson sadly passed away December 14, 2014 whilst at her home in Santa Monica, California aged 90. But it was only yesterday the world started to pay tribute to Miss America 1945.

Miss America 1945 Bess Myerson is being tributed on Twitter by thousands of people, as well as a special tribute being published yesterday by the Miss America Organization.

Bess Myerson tribute on Twitter pic 1

She was the first Jewish American to wear the Miss America crown, which she got on September 8, 1945 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Born in 1924 she grew up to be a beautiful woman, who made her way onto the television. It was in 1951 she was recognised as the Mistress of Ceremonies for “The Big Payoff”. She was also one of the panel on “I’ve Got A Secret.”

The news of Bess Myerson passing away hit the CNN Breaking News on Twitter. She was asked to change her name for the pageant, but she refused. She said, “It told me who I was, that I was first and foremost a Jew.” This decision did stop a few Miss America sponsors.

Bess Myerson tribute on Twitter