Autistic man cat house trending in YouTube

A video uploaded back in September 2014 is taking the number one slot as ‘Trending in YouTube’ at the moment with 200,000+ new local views.

The ‘Autistic man builds feline fun house’ YouTube video was uploaded by VertigoHD on 10 September 2014. It has since had 1,814,817 views, 2,724 likes and only 43 thumbs down.

But today in Google Trends under the ‘Trending in YouTube’ section the video has had 200,000+ new local views, which is why it is the number one video in the United States at the moment.

autistic man cat house trending in YouTube pic 1

Last year Greg Krueger aged 49 was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and he says his autism is a blessing and is the reason behind his ideas for the cat house build. If you watch the video below he explains he has great focus in what he does and is always thinking of what to do next.

Kruger has created a masterpiece inside his home for his cats, it is a feline playground most animal lovers would be in awe of. The house has overhead tunnels, sleeping areas and even lights through walkways, it is an amusement park for the cats so to speak.

With Kruger building constantly his four cats will always have fun, if they are scared then they can simply hide in their padded hideaways.

Please do watch the video below, its pure class and we love it.

autistic man cat house trending in YouTube