Yahoo Mail down today with login problem

Yahoo Mail users are having login problems at the moment, it seems no matter what Internet Browser being used such as Firefox, Explorer or Safari the issue is the same.

Complaints are coming in fast on Twitter by angry Yahoo Mail users, a few tweets we cannot repeat due the language, which basically explains how annoyed users are.

Yahoo Mail down today with login problem pic 1

One user said when they tried to log in to Yahoo Mail the site just totally disappeared, they were in the middle of sending a very important email where they could secure a job and class position.

Other users are having issues with Yahoo Mail in both Chrome and Opera as well, and after several attempts at the Yahoo Mail login they received a message saying unable to connect. Another user on Twitter said they received an on-screen message saying Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Users are very angry indeed, one user said they have been with Yahoo Mail since 1998 and if they weren’t with them for so long they would change straight away. If the service keeps going down surely it doesn’t matter how long you have been with the service, just import emails to another account such as Outlook or Gmail.

Another tweet said, “@yahoomail Why can I not send any emails at the moment, message says having trouble with servers? #yahoomail.

Are you having Yahoo Mail login problems today?

Yahoo Mail is down with server failure pic 1

  • Carmen

    Yes,yes,yes..I have problems,but it is no longer…have a great day.

  • James Browning

    I’m having issues with my yahoo account as well. Is there a virus content problem that is known.

  • MrBlifil

    Yep can’t log in and problems when trying to change password (all options are rejected as somehow using the name of the user).

  • steve

    been down for about an hour, I believe. Still down…

  • RBK

    Been down since 7:30 AM on the east coast.

  • Jon L

    Keeps cycling back to enter my password!

  • David Castro

    Yo tengo problemas desde la mañana. San José, Costa Rica, Centroamérica.

  • R2JJS

    Yep! Today back on but missing 2 months of mail – ?????

  • enaam

    I didn’t get my email for more than 3 month I couldn’t get a solution can you help me. Thanks

  • wf

    I cannot send mail since two days ago

  • Farouk A Mukhtar

    Already 6 days passed & I am not able to open my yahoo email . It is very bad to practice such confusions to members using yahoo as the principal account to send , recieve & follow up corespondance global wise. May Yahoo authourities explain to us how to open our yahoo emails in an easy way same like before , or we shift all our new correspodance to another gmail or oulook . Pls exepidite respond ASAP, thanks.

  • R. Almario

    Right now I am in near panic, I have barely an hour to close a condo real estate deal, and my only means with my broker to finalize details is by e mail. If I cannot relay my message in an hour, I will lose a prime condo unit location I’d like much!!! And It’s all because of this horrendous yahoo mail glitch. I can’t send my mail……UGHHHHH@#$%