When is Super Bowl 2015 explained by Twitter

When it comes to NFL Super Bowl 2015, which kicks off February 1 Twitter can explain a lot from ticket sales to schedules etc. The countdown has already begun and the Super Bowl start time the last time we looked read 27 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes to kickoff.

Twitter has always been a great base to follow all Super Bowl news. For example One twitter user predicts who is going to be in the Super Bowl 2015, they believe Cowboys will win vs Packers, Seahawks win vs Panthers, Patriots win Vs Ravens, Broncos win vs Colts. Then it will be Patriots win vs Broncos and Cowboys win vs Seahawks – SUPERBOWL! Cowboys Vs Patriots.

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What are your NFL Super Bowl 2015 predictions?

All over Twitter you will see news reporting Katy Perry will be dissing Taylor Swift during her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show performance. Perry’s performance Super Bowl show will be taking place on February 1 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. Wonder what Katy Perry has planned for Taylor Swift then?

Rather noticeable on Twitter is how many Super Bowl fans are telling their bosses they are not turning up on particular dates to watch their team. One user said they are taking February 2nd off. Others are taking to Twitter to ask why the Cowboys are getting so much attention, one user says they have not even won the SB and they are gaining tweet attraction.

Do you use Twitter to look for news, discuss etc covering the 2015 Super Bowl?

When is Super Bowl 2015 explained by Twitter