PSN down status after Lizard Squad attack

Even though the PlayStation Network has been fully restored a few gamers are still experiencing problems. On Christmas Day the gaming world came to a halt after an attack by claimants Lizard Squad.

One question by many gamers is still being asked, which is “Is PSN down?” We cannot answer for everyone but we here at OSM can get onto the network using the PS4 in the UK where we are at the moment.

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The hacking collective known as Lizard Squad apparently took down Xbox Live as well other platforms, but when you visit the Lizard Squad Facebook page you will see they were taunting gamers. They wondered how many people took their PS4 consoles back because they thought they were broken.

The Finest Squad was supposed to have been putting a stop to the Lizard Squad attack, we all knew about what was going to happen. The Lizard Squad PSN attack was a nasty thing, I personally got a few games on Christmas Day I wanted to play online with family but couldn’t – How many other PS3, PS4 and Xbox Live gamers were as frustrated?

We all know Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network are still recovering after its DDoS attacks, but all seems to be well at the moment. Lizard Squad loves to taunt and they did by saying, “What happen Finest Squad? thought you were gonna prevent our attacks?” They also said, “Operations will continue later today. As a result, the group of kiddies who think they are ‘the finest’ will be proven incapable.”

Lizard Squad also posted on Facebook, “Looks like Anonymous still hasn’t done shit. Who’s surprised?” And, “Take your PR network and hang yourself with it YourAnonNews.” They are most definitely out to annoy the world – They obviously have too much hate, wonder what the real reason is why they want to annoy and upset gamers so much?

If you visit the PlayStation Network Twitter account they have recently tweeted a message for PS4 users, they mention if you are still having issues signing in to PSN today just reboot the gaming console and try again.

It took a lot longer to get the PlayStation Network back online than Xbox Live, Lizard Squad has hit the gaming networks for a while now and they are not liked at all. They have taken down the likes of Blizzard’s, League of Legends and much more.

Lizard Squad’s Twitter account is still suspended. So, what happened Finest Squad, thought you were going to stop them?

Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter went absolutely crazy after the network outages, gamers were very angry indeed. You can search over on Twitter for example “psn down” many are still saying PSN is still down.

Is PSN still down for you?

PSN down status restored after Lizard Squad attack

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