Hugh Hefner fake death trends in social media

Hugh Hefner dead yet again causes a massive social media frenzy; the Playboy millionaire aged 88 was apparently healthy when he died of natural causes. So much so Hefner is so healthy he is alive and kicking.

To put the record straight, Hugh Hefner is NOT dead. The death hoax was spread by satirical website called nbctoday with its title “BREAKING: Playboy Tycoon Hugh Hefner Passes Away at Age of 88.”

Hugh Hefner fake death trends in social media

The fake story said Hefner had died and in doing so the article started to trend all over social network channels. The article gained 284K Facebook shares, 81K Facebook likes, 2462 tweets and 287K shares using ShareThis.

Hefner did not die on December 28, 2014 and will probably be laughing at all the attention the story got. You know its fake because when you add this ‘” into your Internet Browser it will automatically open the fake article.

Even though we are now well aware of the news being fake, people are still taking to Twitter to have their say about Hugh Hefner’s death. So many Twitter users have tweeted ‘RIP Hugh Hefner’.

Hugh Hefner fake death trends in social media pic 1